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Single bisexual man

Co-parent, Become a sperm donor

Age: 64
Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Last Online : More than a month ago
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Personal Information

I am/We are: Single bisexual man
Gender: Male
Looking to: Co-parent, Become a sperm donor
Joined as: Single
Marital Status: Single

My Profile Details

Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Religion: Atheist
Children: 0
No. of children you'd like with your match?: 2
Height :
Body Type: Average
Hair: Mixed
Eyes: Brown
Smoke: No
Drink: Yes
Any genetic illness within your family?: No
Blood Group: Don't know / Won't say
Will Undertake a Health Screening Test?: Yes
Education: Masters
Profession: legal / administrative / judicial
Income: Moderate
Exercise Undertaken?: 1-2 Days a week
Reasons for Donating: N/A
Method of Donation: Donor/Home Insemination
Prepared to travel: Any distance
Contact with Child: Some Contact

My Partners Profile Details

Ethnic Origin: Don't know / Won't say
Religion: Don't know / Won't say
Children: Don't know / Won't say
No. of children you'd like with your match?: Don't know / Won't say
Height :
Body Type: Don't know / Won't say
Hair: Don't know / Won't say
Eyes: Don't know / Won't say
Smoke: Don't know / Won't say
Drink: Don't know / Won't say
Any genetic illness within your family?: Don't know / Won't say
Blood Group: Don't know / Won't say
Will Undertake a Health Screening Test?: Don't know / Won't say
Education: Don't know / Won't say
Income: Don't know / Won't say
Exercise Undertaken?: Don't know / Won't say
Reasons for Donating: Don't know / Won't say
Method of Donation: Don't know / Won't say
Prepared to travel: Don't know / Won't say
Contact with Child: Don't know / Won't say

What I am / we are looking for

Looking for: Single heterosexual woman:Partnered heterosexual woman:Heterosexual couple:Single lesbian:Lesbian couple:Single bisexual woman:Bisexual Couple

My Hobbies & Interests

Interests: Art, Cinema, Culture, DVD Nights In, Music, Outdoors, Reading, Theatre, Travel, Walking

Other Information about me/us

Other Info: ME: 6ft., brownish hair [was blond color when young - see pics - which show me in mid-20's - current ones available when you e-mail]; greenish [were once blue] eyes, 180lbs, 58 [act lot younger - never properly matured], bi/gay Oxford graduate [I'm of Celtic parentage], usual 'arty' interests - cinema / theatre / galleries / travel, Mediterranean food and wines [but non-smoker]; not really sporty type but enjoy some mountain-biking (and always cycle/walk when in NYC);
favourite novelists Iris Murdoch / early (later stuff too formulaic) Patricia Cornwell / Jose’ Saramago;
musical preferences range from Monteverdi to Marc Almond and Philip Glass.
Dry sense of humour.
Until recently was in a temporary legal posting in Caribbean. (previously worked in international organizations in legal advice / management fields). Currently sort of retired so to be frank I would not be able to make a substantial regular financial contribution to maintenance, but I could cover certain things, and would of course expect to leave my property to the children in due course......
Have a v. small place in the South of France which would be good for summer holidays when the children are older.

(Parents / all grandparents all lived to mid or late 80s so no reason a priori why I shouldn't see children well into adulthood.) Currently living in Oxford ( England ) / Perpignan ( France)  with frequent  visits to USA.
Totally flexible geographically .
Totally healthy [ have sperm tested and on deposit in a respected Clinic in Europe - conception could be via IVF / IUI or with syringe.].
Not in a relationship. YOU: Positive outlook; intelligent; at least University education; probably working in some sort of creative and/or professional field, financially secure; could be single or in a relationship, but welcoming of my involvement in the children's upbringing and also definitely wanting at least two children [I have a view that children should grow up with at least one brother or sister.] You probably live either East or West Coast USA, or maybe Europe. You are open minded enough not to mind the idea of an 'older' father ( you might even see the advantages - there are some...)
THE IDEA: You would be the custodial parent of the children but I would get to visit for at least a couple of months of the year and as they get older the children would come to stay with me for roughly half of school vacations [assuming they wanted to].
In other words a ‘friendly divorce’ type of arrangement. I would make sure they had a good time and you would get a rest from constant parenting.
I would want a say in their education - I would especially want them to get a good musical and bilingual education from an early age.
Obviously situations can change as time goes on and children's inclinations count for a lot but these are my broad-brush ideas. And I am totally open to discussion.
People say I relate well to children. Quite a few friends (seeing me with their children) have said 'you would make a good father'.
It would be crucial that you and I would get on well together even though we didn't want to live together / be around one another for more than a couple of months of the year. Actual insemination would be with syringe (in case you were worried....) (or maybe through IUI if you prefer ?) .
Please e-mail me if you are at all interested to discuss this further, in complete confidence that I will exercise [and expect] total discretion and total confidentiality around these exchanges. Please write FULLY ie with as much detail about yourself and your 'project' as you read here about me and mine.
Pix (to exchange) and full details about you / your ideas essential.
[Thanks for reading so far. Wishing only good things to all of us aching to become parents......]
This is a late addition and although it is not my preferred option I might consider simple donation.........

My Ideal Match Details

Will Sign Legal Donor Contract: Yes
Religion: Other
Ethnicity: Other
Co-Parenting Role: Versatile
Contact with Child: Like to Discuss
Take a Health Screening Test: Don't know / Won't say
Method of Donating: Don't know / Won't say
Marital Status: Don't know / Won't say
Body Type: Average
Hair: Don't know / Won't say
Eyes: Don't know / Won't say
Smoke: Don't know / Won't say
Drink: Don't know / Won't say
Blood Group: Don't know / Won't say
Height: any religion / ethnicity welcome [ box doesn't allow this flexible option ]
Education: Degree
Profession: any professional / 'arty'
Income: Moderate
Exercise: Don't know / Won't say