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Single heterosexual man

Co-parent, Become a sperm donor

Age: 41
Location: Bickley, Greater London, United Kingdom
Last Online : More than a month ago
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Personal Information

I am/We are: Single heterosexual man
Gender: Male
Looking to: Co-parent, Become a sperm donor
Joined as: Single
Marital Status: Single

My Profile Details

Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Religion: Other
Children: Don't know / Won't say
No. of children you'd like with your match?: Don't know / Won't say
Height :
Body Type: Average
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Smoke: No
Drink: No
Any genetic illness within your family?: No
Blood Group: Unknown
Will Undertake a Health Screening Test?: Yes
Education: College
Income: Low
Exercise Undertaken?: 1-2 Days a week
Reasons for Donating: To help others
Method of Donation: Any
Prepared to travel: Any distance
Contact with Child:

My Partners Profile Details

Ethnic Origin:
No. of children you'd like with your match?:
Height :
Body Type:
Any genetic illness within your family?:
Blood Group:
Will Undertake a Health Screening Test?:
Exercise Undertaken?:
Reasons for Donating:
Method of Donation:
Prepared to travel:
Contact with Child:

What I am / we are looking for

Looking for: Single heterosexual woman:Partnered heterosexual woman:Heterosexual couple:Single lesbian:Lesbian couple:Gay couple:Single bisexual woman:Single bisexual man:Bisexual Couple

My Hobbies & Interests

Interests: Animals, Culture, Outdoors, Reading, Theatre, Travel, Walking

Other Information about me/us

Other Info: First point of all, if there is any question/query/doubt feel free to drop me an email, or anything I should add or remove.\r\n\r\nRelevant Health History: I'm perfectly healthy, in the last few years in work I never missed a single day for health reasons. Non Smoker, fairly active. \r\n\r\nReasons for Joining: Never had kids (well not yet), would like to leave someone in this world, so that some of me will live on and I like kids. I really like to help people out; I don’t care what kind of couple it is so they can achieve their dreams. \r\n\r\nHobbies and Interests: I am unconventional person; follow my heart, engaging with people form different backgrounds. Being with friends and family is another important thing for me. Other interests are international travel, meeting new people. Work (so much better with good music), which at the moment covers all the UK, and the lowlands of Europe, but I do enjoy my job, which is a bonus. \r\nI also like international travel, which I try to engage in as much as I can, been to Japan, USA, Argentina, Brazil, and of cause Europe! So could meet someone outside the UK! \r\n\r\nPersonality Traits: Trusting, persistent, optimistic, enthusiastic, caring, open-minded, honest/genuine, bubbly, keen to see the best in people, fun loving person. \r\nNot much of a TV fan, much prefer the radio \r\n\r\nAdditional Comments: Positive personality that’s sees good in adversity. Intelligent, independent, strong and gentle, warm, outgoing, energetic, charming, humorous, curious, honest, direct, open-minded and tolerant to other peoples views, with a good heart! I like to participate in debates.\r\nAlways wanting to find out how people and things work.\r\nI've recently been screened during September, for all STD's (HIV included) to which the results all concluded negative. I can undergo any further STD testing at the GU clinic of your choice if you want me to. See 'Additional Comments' section for more info on my health history\r\nI'm prepared to travel to meet people where ever in the country (or further) so to make others lives easer, and will try to fit around their schedules.\r\nI must make it clear that I'm not in this for making money, and the recipient shouldn’t be either, ether now or in the future.\r\nI do have a photo of myself, but it’s my belief people should be judged on personality, not what they look like.\r\nHave I missed anything, or anything else you may want to know about myself then please feel free to ask me, if so, please feel free to ask.\r\nTake care and thanks for reading my profile, hope I can help you out.

My Ideal Match Details

Will Sign Legal Donor Contract: Don't know / Won't say
Religion: Don't know / Won't say
Ethnicity: Don't know / Won't say
Co-Parenting Role: Don't know / Won't say
Contact with Child: Don't know / Won't say
Take a Health Screening Test: Don't know / Won't say
Method of Donating: Don't know / Won't say
Marital Status: Don't know / Won't say
Body Type: Don't know / Won't say
Hair: Don't know / Won't say
Eyes: Don't know / Won't say
Smoke: Don't know / Won't say
Drink: Don't know / Won't say
Blood Group: Don't know / Won't say
Education: Don't know / Won't say
Income: Don't know / Won't say
Exercise: Don't know / Won't say