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Single heterosexual man

Co-parent, Become a sperm donor

Age: 51
Location: Kensington/London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Last Online : More than a month ago
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Personal Information

I am/We are: Single heterosexual man
Gender: Male
Looking to: Co-parent, Become a sperm donor
Joined as: Single
Marital Status: Separated

My Profile Details

Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Religion: Spiritual
Children: 2
No. of children you'd like with your match?: 2
Height :
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Brown
Smoke: No
Drink: Don't know / Won't say
Any genetic illness within your family?: No
Blood Group: Don't know / Won't say
Will Undertake a Health Screening Test?: Yes
Education: Degree
Profession: Chairman
Income: High
Exercise Undertaken?: 1-2 Days a week
Reasons for Donating: For personal reasons
Method of Donation: Needs Discussion
Prepared to travel: Up to 200 miles
Contact with Child:

My Partners Profile Details

Ethnic Origin:
No. of children you'd like with your match?:
Height :
Body Type:
Any genetic illness within your family?:
Blood Group:
Will Undertake a Health Screening Test?:
Exercise Undertaken?:
Reasons for Donating:
Method of Donation:
Prepared to travel:
Contact with Child:

What I am / we are looking for

Looking for: Single heterosexual woman:Partnered heterosexual woman:Heterosexual couple:Single lesbian:Lesbian couple:Gay couple:Single bisexual woman

My Hobbies & Interests

Interests: Animals, Camping, Culture, Eating Out, History, Holistic Therapies, Outdoors, Reading, Theatre, Travel, Walking

Other Information about me/us

Other Info: I recall what a wonderful feeling it was, each time I became a Dad. I'm very close to my two children and I would like to help a woman, have the joy that I had in becoming a parent. I been lucky in life, I joined MENSA when I was 18 and ran my own company from then, whilst reading a degree. In my mid 30's I had companies in 3 continents and very considerable wealth, so I moved away from the UK for tax reasons, but I come back up to 90 days per year. \r\nMy own Mum taught me that love and kindness is what is essential, but as I can also help materially I'd obviously like to. I would like to financially contribute until any child I biologically fathered, completed their education. If I had co-parenting access, then I'd like to help you in other ways. I grew up without a Dad, however I had a tremendous Mum, so I would like to help a similar woman, because of the struggle my Mum faced I would consider donating alone. But ideally, I would like to co-parent, even if depending where you live, it is from a distance. As I believe in fate:), just drop me an email and we'll chat. Good luck.

My Ideal Match Details

Will Sign Legal Donor Contract: Don't know / Won't say
Religion: Don't know / Won't say
Ethnicity: Don't know / Won't say
Co-Parenting Role: Versatile
Contact with Child: Like to Discuss
Take a Health Screening Test: Yes
Method of Donating: Don't know / Won't say
Marital Status: Don't know / Won't say
Body Type: Don't know / Won't say
Hair: Don't know / Won't say
Eyes: Don't know / Won't say
Smoke: Don't know / Won't say
Drink: Don't know / Won't say
Blood Group: Don't know / Won't say
Education: Don't know / Won't say
Income: Don't know / Won't say
Exercise: Don't know / Won't say