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Is there a sperm bank near me?

Is there a sperm bank near me?

We get asked this question a lot. Is there a sperm bank near me? Surprisingly if you search for sperm banks in the UK there are only 3 that exist:

1) Semovo
2) London Sperm Bank
3) Wessex Fertility

Man on laptop searching for a sperm bank

Local Sperm Banks

There are not many people who can say they have a local sperm bank. This makes recruitment of sperm donors very difficult. Men who want to donate sperm need to travel to their nearest sperm bank to make those donations. If their local sperm bank is a 2 hours train ride away and they are required to make weekly deposits then this can become problematic. Sperm donors pay in the UK at £35 per visit would perhaps not be too appealing to a young man who has to travel a long way to donate sperm however in the USA where men can receive up to $1000 for 3 donations a week things can become a little more tempting.

Cash for sperm donor pay

In the USA they tend to make the most of student sperm donors by recruiting young academic men who are based near a sperm bank. Sperm donation is a great option for students who want to finance their college fees and help people in need.

Finding your nearest sperm bank

If you search Google for sperm banks in the USA there are very few that exist. The big players in the sperm bank market are:

1) Xytex Cryobank
2) Fairfax Cryobank
3) Sperm Bank of California
4) Seattle sperm bank

All of these sperm banks have great websites for women wishing to purchase sperm. The process is a simple as shopping for your groceries online.

For many women receiving artificial insemination treatment at their local fertility centre there is the very popular option of shipping sperm directly to the clinic. This means that women can go online to a sperm bank website, choose a sperm donor, add the donors sperm to their basket, pay at the checkout and hey presto his sperm arrives nice and safely at the clinic all ready for insemination.

Shipping sperm from a sperm bank is costly. Purchasing two straws of medium quality sperm and shipping it will cost you around 2000 Euros. This does not take into account any artificial insemination treatment you may need such as IVF.

Woman thinking about the cost of sperm banks

Ordering sperm from your local sperm bank

You will need to filter donors relevant to your search criteria and then select your favourite sperm donor.

You can consider things like:

1) anonymous or non-anonymous sperm donor
2) sperm quality (MOT)
3) straw type (ICI unpurified sperm for vaginal insemination or IUI purified sperm for IVF treatment )
4) pregnancy quota (whether the sperm has reached the maximum amount of pregnancies in your country of residence)
5) delivery time for the sperm to be shipped
6) reserving future sperm (if you want future siblings).

If you are buying sperm the world is your oyster. You can shop online in Europe or the USA and have the sperm shipped to your door ready for artificial insemination. Becoming a sperm donor means you need to take a look at your nearest sperm bank and their recruitment policies.

Basic Sperm Bank Requirements:

- You can become a sperm donor if you are fit and healthy
- weigh between 7 stone 12 lbs and 25 stone, or 50kg and 160kg
- are aged between 18 and 60

You will not be allowed to donate sperm:

- If you are an intravenous drug users
- If you live in an area with high HIV rate and you have had unprotected sex
- If you have had unprotected sex with multiple partners in the last six months
- If you are adopted and do not know the medical history of your biological parents.

The Alternative Sperm Bank

There is an option to donate sperm if you do not have a local sperm bank. You can register at an online sperm donation service such as Co-parentmatch.com and search for women in your area who are looking for a sperm donor. You can then donate sperm to them via private arrangement.

If you are interested in donating sperm then register today at Co-ParentMatch.com or check out your local sperm bank today.

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