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Sperm Donors on Mother’s Day

Sperm Donors on Mother’s Day Blog

Being a mother is THE best job ever. Working for Co-ParentMatch.com and helping create mothers is a close second. Every year on and around mother’s day we see a spike in traffic for women searching for sperm donors.

Why do women look for sperm donors?

1) You are single and don’t want to wait for Mr Right
2) You are a lesbian and can’t just 'go out and get pregnant'
3) Your husband or partner is infertile.

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Whatever the reason is to be in the positon of looking for a sperm donor, we know that thousands of women every single day are searching for the perfect man to donate sperm to help them become pregnant and be a mother.

It is a natural instinct that women from all platforms of life share. The inner desire to bring another being into this world and give love. When that desire comes knocking at your door there is literally no escape. Whatever you are doing on any given day that desire, that calling, the ticking of your biological clock is louder than anything at any time.

If you are a single woman, lesbian couple, or heterosexual women whose partner is infertile then there is no quick and easy solution to become pregnant. A lot of planning and process goes into your method to become pregnant. An option that many women turn to is finding a sperm donor.

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How do you choose a sperm donor?

Decide if you want to know and meet your sperm donor

If you choose to use an anonymous donor ensure you select sperm that is eligible to be released to your country of residence

Check the level of sperm motility you are using

Ensure your sperm donor has completed a health & fertility screening process

Consider what personal elements are important to you e.g. Looks, personality, interests

What type of sperm donor should you look for?

1) A known sperm donor - a friend, a colleague or someone you meet whom you can ask to donate sperm

2) An anonymous sperm donor - chosen off a sperm bank donor list.

3) A Co-parent - someone who you know or meet that you want to raise your child with you

What are the legal implication of using a sperm donor?

The legalities of sperm donation are far from simple and depending on several factors from whether you are married to whether you conceive through a clinic or at home, can greatly alter the consequences of your legal position as a parent. Read more about sperm donor law here.

Pregnant in time for next year’s Mother’s Day

If you are yearning for a child and you know you need to use a sperm donor to become pregnant then start the process now. Some people are lucky and can find a match straight away, the perfect donor who will get you pregnant first time. This sounds farfetched but it does happened a lot more than you may think.

Those are however the lucky ones.

For most women finding a good sperm donor and becoming pregnant can take up to a year. Once you find your sperm donor you need to agree your method of insemination. If you choose home insemination you need to ensure your donor is fully tested for STI's and fertility. If you select artificial insemination at a clinic then that process is time consuming due to testing regulations, freezing and thawing of the sperm, consultation appointments and the artificial insemination treatment itself.

All of this time is well worth the wait. Happy Mother's Day.

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