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What is your shoot volume?

Sperm donors are always telling us "I have a high sperm count “or "I have strong swimmers". Many men think because they masturbate or have sex regularly that their sperm is in A1 condition. When you really look at sperm under close inspection is it really that healthy? Can your sperm actually achieve a pregnancy?


To increase your chances getting a woman pregnant a sperm donor needs to produce a good volume of sperm and the sperm must be motile (ability to move). If you are a sperm donor in training for the big day you help a single woman or couple conceive, have a think about the condition of your sperm.

sperm volume in specimen cup

Are you a 2ml man or a 5ml man?

On average a man will ejaculate between a 2 - 5 ml volume of semen.


Have you ever ejaculated into a specimen cup to measure the volume of semen you produce?


If you ejaculate frequently you may experience lower volumes. Higher volumes of semen are often produced after prolonged abstinence.


If you are sperm donor helping a woman it is always advisable to refrain from masturbation or sex for at least 2-3 days before insemination. This will help you produce more sperm in your ejaculation.

sperm in a cup

Sperm donors sperm counts are falling

The average sperm count of sperm donors has been falling over recent years mainly due to health issues such as obesity, drinking alcohol and other anti-oxidants in the body.

How can a sperm donor improve his sperm count?

  • Start exercising and get fit. Healthy men have been found to produce more sperm in their semen and have a higher level of motile sperm per ejaculate.
  • Eating more fish will increase the levels of omega-3 and protein giving you greater sperm concentration. Besides sperm your semen contains lots of different vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet with promote the production of quality semen.
  • Reduce the amount of red and processed meat you eat. Studies have found that sperm from men who had a diet high in processed meat had less success fertilising eggs in the laboratory. But sperm from men who had high protein diet were more successful.
  • Ditch the tight underwear and replace with loose fitting undies. Men who wear tight fitting underwear and tight pants can restrict sperm production.
  • Leave those microwave meals alone as Tupperware containers contain a chemical that reduces the motility of your sperm.

What should a sperm donor’s semen look like?


Immediately after ejaculation semen is a cloudy white or grey colour and as it liquefies up to 30 minutes later it becomes clear and runny with a yellow tint. You can ejaculate into a specimen cup and take a look and smell at your sperm. The specimen cup will also measure the volume of your semen. Try a sperm concentration test that will indicate if your sperm concentration is greater or less than 20 million sperm per mL of sperm. A bad smelling semen can be a sign of infection.

sperm in jar with syringe

When does your sperm perform best?

Research has shown that sperm quality peaks in winter and early spring and ejaculating sperm during a low-stress weekend can offer the best chance of achieving a pregnancy.


When you find a woman you are willing to donate your sperm to then open up the conversation about the health of your sperm. You should be able to tell you recipient that you produce a good volume of semen and your sperm concentration is above 20 million sperm per ml of sperm.


Your sperm can be a reflection of you and your lifestyle so look after yourself and your swimmers.


If you have great sperm and want to become a sperm donor then register now.

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