Sperm Donor pay

Sperm Donor Pay

The question "how much does sperm donation pay" is something that the sperm bank clinics get asked quite often. And yes, often times by college students looking to make ends meet. The problem is that each bank will probably offer their own rates and yes, some will compete with others when it comes to rates as well. First time donors and then perhaps an increase in fee after your repeat donations, but this is something that you would have to refer to each clinic with.

On average, there are some cryobanks in the state of California that have been known to pay around $100 per donation and $1200 if you donate 3 times per week. As long as you meet the donation requirements, which is generally going to mean that you have not ejaculated, through sexual intercourse, or masturbation in the last 48 hours. Otherwise, you will not be able to donate. They are also going to ask if you are on any medications, and have had any alcoholic beverages, all common sense things.

When you check with the sperm bank that you intend of donating to, it is perfectly acceptable to ask if there are any bonus or stipulation pay increases for offering baby photos, family medical history, current photos or other requested information from potential clients, this is something that most of the clinics and banks have started offering, now that more and more mothers, and couples are asking for detailed information on the potential fathers of their soon to be children.

It would probably be wise to get a hold of your local clinic and see what they say, tell them that you are interested in becoming a donor, and you were interested in getting information on sperm donor pay, and what all needs to be done before you come in to donate.

Becoming an earner of sperm donor pay can be something that becomes a part of a regular routine but you will want to check with the sperm banks to see how often you are allowed to donate in order for each sample or donation to be viable.

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