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Home Insemination Kits that Work

What are the Best Selling Home Insemination Kits?

The 2 best selling home insemination kits are:

1) The Super Deluxe Home Insemination Kit - this kit has 10 individually wrapped sterile cups for easy semen collection, 10 sterile syringes and 10 ovulation tests.

2) The Basic Home Insemination Kit - this kit is popular as it contains 2 speculums that help locate the cervix during insemination. This kits also has 2 individually wrapped sterile cups and 2 sterile syringes.

Where can I buy home insemination kits?

Since 2007 Co-ParentMatch.com has been the leading online retailer of home insemination kits. Shopping with us is safe and secure and all products are guaranteed to arrive quickly in discreet packaging direct to your home.

We offer one of the largest selections of home insemination kits and artificial insemination products on the web. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have all experienced the joy of getting pregnant in the comfort of their own home using one of our proven kits.

We offer a great selection of home insemination kits and the lowest prices on the internet.

A home insemination kit featuring specimen cup, fertility cup and syringe

FAST delivery and high success rates on our home insemination kits.

Visit our online SHOP here or browse and buy our popular kits below:

Home Insemination Kits  
1. Super Deluxe Kit
10 Syringes
10 Specimen Cups
10 Ovulation Tests

£18.99 BUY NOW
Super deluxe home insemination kit
2. Deluxe Kit
5 Syringes
5 Specimen Cups
5 Ovulation Tests

£11.99 BUY NOW
Deluxe home insemination kit
3. Basic Kit
2 Syringes
2 Specimen Cups
2 Speculums

£7.99 BUY NOW
Basic home insemination kit
4. Single Kit
1 Syringe
1 Specimen Cup

£1.89 BUY NOW
Single home insemination kit
5. Quadruple Kit:
4 Syringes
4 Specimen Cups

£7.99 BUY NOW
Quadruple home insemination kit

Has anyone got pregnant with a home insemination kit?

Our home insemination kits work because you tell us they do!

"My partner and I used co-parentmatch to find our sperm donor last Spring. We now have a beautiful 6 month old baby boy! We are a lesbian couple, civil partners. Our donor still has contact with us but he does not play a parental role. We drew up a contract between all parties befor commencing. We were very lucky to get pregnant first time using a home kit. We would be happy to share our story"...

"We found a donor and were able to conceive one child via home insemination on the first month of trying! Our donor is open to helping us for the next (and last) child..."

We sell home insemination kits with proven results. Our kits offer customers the best possible chance of achieving a pregnancy as you can perform the insemination in the comfort of your home home with fresh sperm. The equipment enables the user to locate the cervix meaning the sperm can swim freely through the vagina and up towards the cervix.

Visit our Success Stories section for more inspiration.

Show me a video of how to do home insemination:

What is in a home insemination kit?

A home insemination kit is an array of carefully selected products put together in one package to help a woman become pregnant by artificial insemination at home. A kit usually consists of a combination of sterile specimen cups, sterile 10ml syringes, speculums, ovulation tests, fertility thermometers and pregnancy tests.

Sterile specimen cup or home inseminationSterile syringe for home inseminationSpeculum for home inseminationBBT Thermometer for home inseminationOvulation test

How much are home insemination kits?

Looking for a cheap home insemination kit? You can purchase individual products for your insemination from just £1/$1.60 per item or you can make a huge saving and buy a ready made artificial insemination kit from just £1.89/$3.00.

Deluxe home insemination kit with 5 syringes, 5 cups and 5 ovulation tests

Discreet Packaging

We recognise that making an order for home insemination kits shouldn't be a source of embarrassment. Co-ParentMatch have assured that everything you buy from our home insemination kit products range comes with a discretion guarantee, so whether you want your order sent to your home or work address we have made sure that privacy is always a top priority.

jiffy envelope with home insemination kit inside

What does discreet packaging look like?

For all home insemination kits, your order will arrive in a thick jiffy envelope with a padded bubble wrap lining, meaning no one who handles the packaging will be able to see or feel the contents of your parcel.


As part of our privacy safeguard we have also made sure that all order paperwork comes packaged and sealed inside your envelope or parcel.