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European Sperm Bank USA

WHat is the European Sperm Bank USA?

European Sperm Bank based in Denmark and the related European Sperm Bank USA located in Seattle, Washington are one of the largest sperm banks worldwide.

Their donor information consists of:

  • Donor profile
  • Audio Interview
  • Baby photo
  • Kiersey test
  • Staff impression

All sperm donors are fully screened for health, fertility and disease.

To assist you in choosing the right donor, European Sperm Bank provides extended profiles (including essays), audio interviews, Keirsey tests and baby photos. In addition staff get to know the donors and provide staff impressions.

Donor sperm can be processed for all forms of artificial insemination (IUI, ICI and IVI), as well as in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Prices at the European Sperm Bank:

Vials of sperm can be purchased from 185 Euros to 370 Euros per vial depending on the sperm quality and whether you are selecting an open or anonymous ID donor.

Donor information profiles can be purchased for 25 Euros to 100 Euros.

Shipping is from 300-550 Euros.

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