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Pittsburgh Cryobank

What is Anonymous Sperm Donation at the Pittsburgh Cryobank?

Pittsburgh Cryobank islocated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Andrology Program at Pittsburgh Cryobank offers sperm banking services.

Pittsburgh Cryobank has an anonymous sperm donor program and actively recruits donors between the ages of 18-40 of all nationalities for the anonymous sperm donor programme. Donors are required to make a 9 month commitment to the programme, with a minimum of 6 collections per month.

Sperm Donation at pittsburgh Cryobank

Recommended Abstinence

For the best quality sample, Pittsburgh Cryobank recommends 2-5 days abstinence from any ejaculation prior to a sperm banking appointment.

Pittsburgh Cryobank can receive sperm in the frozen state after they have been processed and frozen at other laboratories that are more conveniently located for clients.

Directed Donor Program

Pittsburgh Cryobank offers a directed donor program for recipients who want to choose a sperm donor who is known to them. The directed donor agrees to be a sperm donor for that specific recipient only.

Because directed donors are required to collect samples at our laboratory, this service is available to recipients and directed donors who reside in, or are willing to travel to, the Pittsburgh area.

Pittsburgh Cryobank will work with out-of-town directed donors to complete the process in as few days as possible and there is a satellite facility in Columbus, Ohio that also offers a directed donor program for that area.

Directed donors are required to complete a family history form and undergo the same transmittable disease and genetic testing, physical, and genetic interview as anonymous donors.

Directed donor samples are also required to undergo a 6 month quarantine (from the last collection) with repeat testing prior to release of vial(s) for the recipient's use. The directed donor must be between the ages of 18 and 40. Donors over 40 years of age are acceptable only if the recipient's physician agrees in writing.

Prior to beginning the directed donor program, it is highly recommended that the potential directed donor submit a sample for a semen analysis and test freeze and thaw evaluation.

This will indicate whether the potential directed donor has an adequate number of sperm cells in order to adequately serve as a donor and whether the cells present can survive freezing and thawing at an acceptable rate for the recipient's intended use.


  • Freeze/Thaw Evaluation (optional) $155.00
  • Deposit to Start (non refundable) $935.00
  • Administrative Fee $490.00
  • Freezing Procedure (cryopreservation) Priced per ejaculate $225.00
  • Testing Fees* $1320.00
  • Additional Quarantine Testing $240.00
  • Donor Physical when performed by our physician $200.00
  • Storage Fee

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