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Specimen Cup Babies. The Rise of the Home Insemination Kit.

Specimen Cup Babies. The Rise of the Home Insemination Kit.

2018 could see the beginning of a specimen cup baby boom from children born as a result of home insemination. The first test tube baby was born in 1978 and what followed was six and a half million babies born from IVF and counting.


But what about specimen cup babies? The process of home insemination is a procedure carried out by hundreds of singles and couples every week in an attempt to get pregnant using a home insemination kit. A home insemination kit is simple assortment of apparatus including a cup and a syringe. It is a highly successful method and very inexpensive.

Syringe for home insemination

Women are Bypassing Traditional Methods of Insemination

Co-parentmatch.com was launched back in 2007 when the main option for single women and lesbian couples looking to become pregnant was a trip to your local sperm bank. Women could then choose from insemination techniques such as IUI or IVF. Success rates are much better now than 10 years ago however the cost of artificial insemination and the lack of donor sperm has led to women looking for an alternative.


Over the past decade we have seen a statement of intent from women who are bypassing traditional methods of insemination and turning to online sperm donation services. Women are taking insemination into their own hands through use of home insemination kits.

ICSI technique for artificial insemination

Home Insemination Kits for Less than a Cup of Coffee

1 cup and 1 syringe that costs less than a cup of coffee can lead to highly effective pregnancy success rates. Home insemination kits are very cheap to purchase. Kits generally consist of a sterile specimen cup and a sterile syringe however there are lots of add-ons that are very popular including use of a speculum to target the cervix and ovulation tests to pinpoint the fertile window.


Of course pregnancy is not guaranteed for everyone who tries this method however if you know you are healthy and not suffering from any fertility issues then there is every chance that during your ovulation you could become pregnant.

cup of coffee

Hand a Cup to Your Sperm Donor

A home insemination kit is nothing without the donor sperm to go along with it. Your sperm donor obviously has an essential part to play in this process in that he has to be able to produce the goods into a small plastic cup.


Whilst many men will brag to their mates down the pub at their ease to produce a sample for any passing damsel in distress, when it really comes down to it, your man has to produce the goods on demand at a time and date very specific to your fertile window. You are not intimate with a sperm donor and there is no passion. The home insemination process is not necessarily clinical however it is very cold and unromantic.

Specimen cup for home insemination

The Risks of Home Insemination

There are risks to using a home insemination kit. By purchasing sperm through a sperm bank you know the sperm has been tested. Using a home insemination kit with a private sperm donor means you are responsible for all tests and checks.


Here are the rules you should follow:
1) Ensure your sperm donor is fully tested for STI's
2) Your sperm donor needs to be fertile enough to get you pregnant. Get his sperm tested.
3) Never agree to any method of insemination you are not comfortable with.
4) Purchase a home insemination from a reputable retailer to ensure they are sterile.
5) Follow a step by step guide to home insemination.

Here are a few quotes from Co-ParentMatch.com members who have found success using a home insemination kit.


"We found a donor and were able to conceive one child via home insemination on the first month of trying! Our donor is open to helping us for the next (and last) child but we will change this if we need help again. Thank you for considering being a donor! "...Frederique1

"My partner and I used co-parentmatch to find our sperm donor last Spring. We now have a beautiful 6 month old baby boy! We are a lesbian couple, civil partners. Our donor still has contact with us but he does not play a parental role. We drew up a contract between all parties before commencing. We were very lucky to get pregnant first time using a home kit. We would be happy to share our story"... Jane

Hi would just like to say that we have been successful in finding the perfect donor.. and after the first attempt we were successful...We would both like to say thankyou to our donor without you our dream would still be a dream but now its reality..Thankyou for making our dream come true UPDATE... Well our baby girl was due 12 nov but decided 2 come 3 weeks early... Aleisha was born 24/10/09 she is now 10 weeks old and we are loving every minute of being mums 2 are beautiful little girl caz and kelly xx UPDATE: Our little girl is now 2years old and we are planning to have another one this year with the same donor :) Profile ID 2655


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