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Free Sperm Donors. Mr Nice Guy or Sex Predators?

Free Sperm Donors. Mr Nice Guy or Sex Predators?

Up to 1000 women every single month are specifically searching for free sperm donors. Over the past decade women who were not in a relationship and wanted to become a mother traditionally used a sperm bank to purchase sperm for artificial insemination. A new trend is upon the world of sperm donation with more and more women now looking for free sperm donors for home insemination.

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When Co-ParentMatch.com was launched in 2007 there may have been an expectation that a website for sperm donation and specifically a website where women meet their sperm donor in person would lead to a seedy sex club environment with sex predators praying on desperate women. This has not been the case at all.


There are and will always be guys who use sperm donor websites as a means for casual sex. However there have been less than a handful of members over the past decade who have been removed from this website for the reason of looking for sex as opposed to offering sperm donation services.

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One reason for this is that sperm donors have to pay to correspond with members so that can help filter out the less genuine sperm donors. Another reason is that sperm donors can specify what type of insemination they are looking for. This is not hidden a donor profile so women can avoid those guy’s and filter the type of donor they want. Perhaps surprisingly there are a lot of men who simply want to help women fulfil their dreams.


What is a free sperm donor?

A free sperm donor is simply a man who is willing to give his sperm to a woman for free in order to impregnate her. You may be thinking that sex is free anyway however for heterosexual women who are not looking to have a sexual relationship and lesbian women looking for alternative options free sperm donors are very much the popular choice.

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A sperm donor looking to donate for altruistic reasons and not receive payment can find a huge choice of women online looking for a sperm donor through sperm donation websites such as Co-ParentMatch.com. You will see search terms floating about on the internet such as 'looking for a free sperm donor' and 'free sperm wanted', these are women who are in an active position to receive sperm donation for artificial insemination at home.

Are men giving their sperm for free?

For a lot of men who consider sperm donation the main reason is to earn money. Sperm donor pay can be rewarding and for young guys looking for extra cash to see them through college this can be popular form of employment. However, there are also a lot of men who see sperm donation as a way to bring immense happiness to women and couples who are suffering the heartache of infertility. Free sperm donors are willing to help out women for no money.


How do free sperm donors get women pregnant?

The most popular way to get pregnant using a free sperm donor is by home insemination. Women using a home insemination kit can become pregnant for less than a cup of coffee. A specimen cup and syringe plus, of course, your sperm donor is all you need. With home insemination it is essential that STI and fertility checks are carried out on the sperm donor before any insemination takes place.

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Taking your sperm donor to your local sperm bank or fertility centre is becoming increasingly popular with sperm banks now offering known donor programs. This is a great option as the sperm bank will carry out all necessary health and fertility checks. Going through a clinic means that you will be advised on the best form of artificial insemination such as IUI or IVF. Search for your local sperm bank to see what donor programs they offer.


I am thinking of becoming a free sperm donor, what is my legal position?

If you go to a licenced clinic the female carrying the child will always be the legal mother.

You will be considered the legal father of the child providing:

- The woman is not married, in a civil partnership or in an enduring relationship;

- You receive treatment with the female “together” and she does not receive treatment with another person;

- You do not sign the relevant consents to exclude your status as the legal father.

Being the legal parent of a child does not give you parental responsibility for the child. You will need to obtain parental responsibility for the child be being on the child’s birth certificate.


If you choose home insemination the female is carrying the child, will be the legal mother of the child. If the female is married or in a civil partnership then her partner will be considered the second legal parent of the child. If the woman is single then you will be the legal father, regardless of whether the insemination was by artificial means or not. You will be financially responsible for the child and will also have rights to the child.


You would not automatically acquire parental responsibility as you would need to be named on the birth certificate to acquire this.


As you are making a known donation it is important to regulate and agree the roles you and the mother will have in the child’s life. It is advisable that you put in place a “Sperm Donor Agreement

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Become a Free Sperm Donor

If you want to become a free sperm donor then register with us today. There are lots of women waiting for your help right now.


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