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Manhattan Cryobank

Donor Programs at the Manhattan CryoBank

Manhattan CryoBank is located on 40th Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, New York. Manhattan Cryobank is an andrology laboratory and reproductive tissue bank providing services for those individuals looking for sperm donors and sperm banking

Manhattan Cryobank offers a choice of diverse sperm donor specimens for intracervical or intrauterine inseminations.

Manhattan CryoBank follows and adheres to established guidelines and standards for the selection and screening of sperm donors as well as the testing, processing, storage and distribution of semen specimens.

Sperm Donor Programs

Manhattan CryoBank provides high-quality donor sperm for assisted reproductive procedures.

Sperm donors can be:

  • ID DISCLOSURE the identity of the donor can be released
  • ANONYMOUS the identity of the donor is never known
  • DIRECTED a designated friend or a family member

Anonymous and ID Disclosure Sperm Donors

Sperm donors are recruited from local universities and colleges and are between the ages of 19 and 39. Most of them are undergraduate and graduate students; some are professionals. Due to the rigorous screening process, less than 3% of the applicants are eventually accepted as contributing donors.

Potential sperm donors undergo screening including character and personality evaluation, genetic testing, fertility assessment, physical examination and infectious disease testing. Once accepted into the program, the health status of the donor is continually re-assessed.

Each sperm donor is required to complete a comprehensive three generation Medical History Questionnaire regarding the health of the donor and the donor’s blood relatives.

To assess sperm count and motility, a semen analysis and test freeze is done on three ejaculates before the donor is accepted.

Semen samples from screened and accepted donors are quarantined for a minimum of 180 days and released only after re-testing of the donor for the required infectious disease screening and contingent upon medical director’s approval. Donors are required to update the medical history questionnaires and to have a physical examination every six months.

All our donors are tested for cystic fibrosis and screened for Thalassemia. All our African American and Mediterranean donors are tested for Sickle Cell Anemia, and all Jewish/French Canadian donors are tested for Tay-Sachs.

Directed (designated) Donors
A directed donor is a friend, a family member or someone who voluntarily donates his sperm for use in assisted reproductive procedures. This could be somebody you have met on Co-ParentMatch.com . Another term for directed donor is designated donor. This individual has been personally selected by the couple or the single woman, and is not sexually intimate with the ultimate recipient of the sperm.

Directed donors are screened similarly to anonymous donors before they can be accepted in to the Manhattan Sperm Bank. Candidates must complete a thorough medical history questionnaire; undergo physical examination, semen analysis and various tests for infectious diseases. Directed donors should have a semen analysis performed with cyrosurvival (Test Freeze) to evaluate the quality of his specimens before proceeding. The semen analysis can be done during the initial consultation appointment as long as there is abstinence of any type of ejaculation for a period of 2-5 days.

Semen samples are cryopreserved (stored) at the Manhattan Cryobank and quarantined for at least six months. When the quarantine period is over, the directed donor must be re-tested for infectious diseases. All results must be within normal range prior to the release of vials for assisted reproduction.
Manhattan Cryobank prefers that both the donor and the recipient be present for an initial consultation, at which time the storage agreement and consent forms will be completed. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Donor Profiles
Manhattan CryoBank maintains a comprehensive and varied list of carefully selected donors. Patients and physicians can choose the donor whose profile best meets their desired characteristics. The donor catalog provides information on current donors in a short profile that is available online free of charge.

Prices at Manhattan Cryobank ($)

Anonymous Unwashed vial (ICI) 270
Anonymous Washed vial (IUI-ready) 315
ID Disclosure Unwashed vial (ICI) 370
ID Disclosure Washed vial (IUI-ready) 435
Donor selection Consultation and Photo Matching 80
Photo Matching by Email 50
Donor Baby Pictures 35
Donor Audio Clips (add $5 for USA shipping/handling ) 30
Donor Extended Profiles 15
Donor Short Profiles (available on our web site) Free
Donor Catalog (available on our web site) Free
Sperm Freezing (includes Semen Analysis & Consultation) 200

Subsequent Sperm Freezing (includes Semen Analysis) 200
Sperm Wash and Freezing 300
Testicular Tissue Freezing 550
Specimen Thawing 25
Specimen Retrieval Fee 25
Consultation 80
Initial Screening (excludes genetic testing) 400
Physical Exam 150
Complete Semen Analysis (CSA) 110
Complete Semen Analysis (with 3h-6h readings) 140
CSA with Kruger Morphology 160
Partial Semen Analysis 70
Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis 70
Split Ejaculate Analysis 125
Post Ejaculatory Urinalysis 110
Critical Morphology (Kruger) 60
Fructose Test 60
Hypo-Osmotic swelling test 80
Viability Test (Eosin Stain) 70
Sperm Antibody / IBT (Direct) 135
Sperm Antibody / IBT (Indirect) 200
Sperm Cervical mucus interaction (Penetrak) 75
Sperm Penetration Assay 375
Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA) 400
Post Thaw Analysis 70
Basic Wash 90
Swim-up Wash 110
Premium / Gradient Wash 150
Retrograde Wash 160
Gender Pre-Selection - includes sperm wash 450
Shipping Fees Apply 



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