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New York Cryos

The World's Largest International Network of Sperm Banks

Cryos International New York Sperm Bank is part of the world's largest international network of sperm banks. New York cryos works with same sex couples, single women and heterosexual couples.

New York Cryos offers donor sperm and sperm storage services.

New York Cryos sperm donors are made up of physically and mentally healthy men from a broad cross section of society.

Each donor candidate meets a rigorous selection criteria and undergoes a thorough examination prior to acceptance. New York Cryos accepts less than 5% of all interested applicants.

Sperm donors are fully informed of the purpose of being a donor. All donors sign a contract declaring that they do not belong to any risk groups or have had any risky behaviour related to exposure to HIV and/or other sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, all donors waive all paternal rights and responsibilities.

Become a Sperm Donor at New York Cryos

Donors must be between 18 and 39 year old and have at least a college/vocational education (or pursuing a higher education). Donors must also live a healthy lifestyle.

Donors need to live in New York City to be able to visit the clinic at least twice per week.

How do I produce the best possible sample?

To provide good quality specimens, it is suggested that you refrain from sexual activity, heavy drinking of alcohol, and smoking for at least 48 hours prior to donating.

Cryos New York will then look at the motility of your sperm (how well your sperm swims), your sperm count, your family and personal medical histories, and your psychological outlook among other aspects.

Donors must be able to supply an in-depth medical history from both sides of your biological family. You need to have no on-going or chronic health issues. 

Cost of Purchasing Sperm

$100 - $500 per vial depingin on level of sperm motility

Shipping from $125 to $250  

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