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Legal Overview by Country

Sperm Donation Law Around the World

The laws around sperm donation and co-parenting around the world are extremely complex and they are constantly evolving. Whether you are looking to become a sperm donor by donating through a clinic or to a known recipient or perhaps you are looking begin a family through sperm donation or a co-parenting agreement - we suggest you check for the most up-to-date laws in your country, region, state or province before your begin.

In the meantime Co-ParentMatch has put together a useful overview on sperm donating and co-parenting laws around the world.

For more detailed information on co-parenting and sperm donation laws please visit our legalities section.

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Sperm Donation Worldwide

Sperm donation has become hugely popular around the world with sperm banks popping up in many major cities. Sperm donation offers an amazing opportunity for someone to become a parent who may not otherwise be able to do so. Becoming a sperm donor can help childless couples and single women who are desperate to have a baby. Co-ParentMatch.com lists profiles of sperm donors around the world.

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