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Sperm Donation and Co-parenting New Zealand

What are legal facts about using a sperm donor in the New Zealand?

The focus of New Zealand law with regards to Assisted Reproductive Technologies is aimed at protecting donor conceived children and respecting ethnical and cultural communities.

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Sperm donation in New Zealand

In New Zealand, artificial reproduction and sperm donations are regulated by the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act of 2004, promoted by a special advisory committee, the ACART.

Sperm donations in New Zealand have to be free and donors must provide identifying information.

For more information visit: Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2004: legislation.govt.nz or the Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ACART): acart.health.govt.nz

Information about donors of donated embryos or sperm should contact the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology: aph.gov.au

Same-sex parenting in New Zealand

Artificial insemination is granted to both single and lesbian couples and same sex parenting is accepted.

Public funding for artificial insemination or IVF procedures are restricted to women experiencing fertility troubles.

A lesbian couple having conceived a child through sperm donor is entitled to have both mothers registered on the child's birth certificate however for a gay male couple this would not be permitted.

For further information visit: fertilityassociates.co.nz

There are no laws in New Zealand for home insemination.

Co-parenting in New Zealand

The birth mother of a donor conceived child can be considered the sole guardian of the child if she was not married or partnered when pregnant. In this case, the mother can then consent to register a second parent (who can be the sperm donor, same sex partner or co-parent) on the birth certificate of the child.

For more information on families with lesbian or gay parents: teara.govt.nz

For more detailed information on co-parenting and sperm donation laws please visit our legalities section.

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