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Sperm Donation and Co-parenting in South Africa

What are legal facts about using a sperm donor in the South Africa?

In legal terms South Africa is one of the most advanced countries in the world regarding LGTB parenting rights including co-parenting.

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LGBT Parenting in South Africa

All women regardless of sexual orientation have access to artificial insemination.

Sperm Donation in South Africa

Sperm donor conception is legally enforced by two acts in South Africa: the Human Tissue Act of 1983 (for egg and sperm donations) and the Children's Act of 2005. The Children's Act also covers parenting rights and responsibilities.

Visit justice.gov.za

Sperm donations are granted to both single females and lesbian couples in South African fertility clinics.
For more information on sperm donation guidelines visit: fertilitysa.org.za

For a list of accredited Fertility and Artificial Insemination Clinics in South Africa visit: fertilitysa.org.za

Sperm donation in South Africa is anonymous. Any resulting child born through artificial insemination may only access medical and genetic information about their donor, but is not entitled to get identifying information.

Artificial insemination using a known sperm donor is also possible. Advertising for a free sperm donation is permitted in South Africa. Suitable reimbursement or compensation for sperm donors is acceptable.

Co-Parenting laws in South Africa

More than one person may hold parental responsibilities and rights in respect of the same child. A co-parenting agreement can be established between all parties with the help of a family lawyer.
For more detailed information on co-parenting and sperm donation laws please visit our legalities section.

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